About YOU(TH) Do IT!

YOU(TH) Do IT! is a resource hub by CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality where you can learn about your sexual and reproductive health and rights and how to raise your voice!

You(th) Do IT! is a resource hub by CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, where you can enrich your knowledge and skills on meaningful youth participation (MYP), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), youth-led advocacy, youth-friendly services, awareness raising, and leadership. Read the articles and stories, learn how to integrate MYP in your organization through the MYP resources, find everything you want to know about SRHR in the SRHR Language tool, and learn about UN processes through our advocacy resources

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Youth Friendly Services

Youth friendly sexual and reproductive health services are services or clinics that deliver a comprehensive range of sexual and reproductive health services in ways that are responsive to the specific needs, vulnerabilities and desires of young people. These youth friendly services succeed in attracting and retaining young clients for continuing care and this can only be done when there is understanding and respect for young people’s sexual and reproductive rights.

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Awareness Raising

Awareness raising means making people conscious about a problem or issue. You want to make a certain topic or issue more visible within a community. The goal is to make people understand the importance of a certain issue and find support to address it.

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Leadership can be of different styles: autocratic (leader has a lot of power); charismatic (leader’s self-image draws people); managerial (leader focuses on day-to-day operations and works with others to complete tasks); democratic (leaders shares ideas and equal status of all, but retains decision-making powers); collaborative (leader involves everyone and decentralises decision-making). You can be a leader in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different situations – not everyone is a leader all the time!

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