Skill Building: Addressing Youth

Addressing Youth

What is important to know when working together with young people? Read the tips below to improve your skills!

  • Discuss with young people as equals. Respect and value their opinions, beliefs and ideas.

  • Explain them that their ideas are important too.

  • Work in a location where youth feel comfortable and safe.

  • Do some activities with youth to win their trust, for example sharing something personal about yourself.

  • When a young person is not speaking, that doesn’t mean he/she has no opinion. Give them time to open up and feel comfortable.

  • Be open and non-judgemental

  • Do activities with young people to strengthen their confidence.

  • Offer support if they ask for it.

  • Take them seriously.

  • Make your work with youth interactive and fun.

  • Don’t make assumptions about individuals.

Take action! Try to think about these tips the next time you are working/speaking with young people!