Skill Building: Convincing

Convincing means making someone believe something, telling him or her that this is something important and influence him or her to take action. In order to convince people of something, you need some basic elements:

  • Explain the context to people

  • Give similar examples, which people can relate to

  • Give factual and relevant information. Use facts and evidences

  • Make sure you understand the issue and be prepared to answer questions

  • A solution to the issue you want to solve, which is reasonable

  • Know the person you are talking to, what does he/she find important?

  • Be patient

  • Don’t force people to believe your story. Give them the chance to reflect on it themselves

Take action! Choose an issue you find important and you really care about. Convince your family members or friends that they too should care about this issue by using the techniques explained above!


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