Skill Building: Debating


Debating is an important skill when you want to defend your arguments, or attack arguments of others. It asks some practice, but with these tips below, you can make a good start!

  • Be professional. Don’t insult people you are debating with

  • Focus on what the opposing side’s idea is and think about what they could bring as an argument during your preparation. Make sure that you find counter arguments for all their arguments.

  • Limit your arguments to four

  • Present your arguments in a logic and clear way. Don’t speak too long

  • Only use information which really supports your argument in the debate

  • Prepare a good conclusion for your argument, a final summary of your position. You can here again highlight the crucial issues.

Take action! Organize a debating contest in your school or community! You can bring forward the issues people should prepare, and take part in the contest yourself!