Skill Building: Fundraising


Fundraising means gathering contributions from people who want to help your cause. These contributions can be financial, i.e. people can give you some money to help you develop your project. Other people might decide to help you in other ways, for example, by investing their time and volunteering for your project, sharing their knowledge and expertise …

Some tips and ideas to raise funds:

  • Make sure you specify your fundraising action. Be specific: what is this issue about? Where will the money or contributions go to?

  • What do you expect as a result from the fundraising?

  • Have a good slogan! Make it catchy so that people are intrigued!

  • Plan where you will do your action. What’s the best place to meet your target audience?

  • Ask friends to help you out!

  • Think of crowd sourcing or crowd funding, i.e. getting services or funds from several different people in your network, either through an online platform (this might be more complicated) or simply through friends, family and their networks.

  • Make it fun! If people enjoy your action, it is more likely they would want to contribute. For example, by playing music, dancing, decorations…

Take action! Organize a fundraising event with friends for the cause you really want to put in the spotlight in your community. Share the picture of the event in our Facebook community!