Skill Building: Motivating


Motivating others is very important if you want to convince people about why your cause or issue matters. Motivation is important if you want people to reach a (common) goal. Read some tips on how to motivate the people around you:

  • Listen to others: Motivation has to come from the inside of people. So that is why it is important you get to know people, before you understand them and what could motivate them. Find out what people really want before starting to encouraging them.

  • Ask questions! If you want to know what people want, then it is not enough to listen. You have to show your interest by asking questions yourself about people’s goals, dreams and motivations. Therefore, it is best to ask open ended questions, such as: ‘Why do you want to do that?’

  • Encourage others. But therefore you need to know people a little bit and know what pushes them. You can encourage people by saying friendly things, such as; ‘I think you would be a great communicator, you are so social!’

  • Help! Ask people how you can help them, what your role can be!

Take action! Try to motivate at least 2 people around you to make a difference! Ask them about what they find important in their community, and encourage them to take action to make a change. Use the tips below!