Skill Building: Negotiating


Negotiating means discussing with certain people to reach an outcome which is beneficial for everyone. When negotiating, everyone involved tries to get most out of the discussion for their own advantage. But at a certain point, agreements or compromises have to be made.

Here are some negotiation techniques:

  • Set your goal and objectives: What do you want to achieve? You don’t stop negotiating before you reached...

  • Be respectful towards everyone you are dealing with

  • Be professional, don’t criticize other people

  • Be prepared, know what you want to say or explain. Also do some research on the issue before starting to negotiate, so you have good arguments, collect evidence

  • Try to hold everyone in the negotiation to account for commitments they have made in the past regarding the issue

  • Tell the truth. Don’t try to make things sensational by telling lies

  • Know who agrees and who disagrees with the issue

  • Have a specific request.

Take action! Meet up with a friend and test your negotiation skills. Choose one of the issues below you want to debate about, and make sure you both choose a different point of view. What helps in developing your negotiating skills is taking the side of the party you do not agree. For example: if you are pro-abortion, then try to come up with arguments for people who are against abortion.


  • Abortion

  • Everyone should have access to health services

  • Everyone should have access to contraceptives

  • It is important that youth participate in civil society

  • Young people should take leadership roles