Skill Building: Organizing


Having good organizing skills is important, not only to plan activities, but also to delegate tasks and plan who should take which responsibilities. Read the tips below to improve your organization skills;

  • Prioritize by making a list with the most important activities on top
  • Keep an agenda in which you keep your daily schedule
  • Delegate by giving some tasks and responsibilities to others
  • Know your missions
  • Think ahead
  • Know your limits
  • Have fun!

Another element of organization skills is managing a group of people. There are different ways to manage a group. You can do this by carefully planning activities or a schedule, or by listening to what your group needs.

An important element of managing a group is creating a good atmosphere. Only then will you have a positive workflow and reach your goals as a team. It is part of creating a safe environment for the people you are working with, to make them feel comfortable and at ease.

One way to do this is by doing icebreakers. Icebreakers are also called warm-ups and are types of games or fun activities to let people feel at ease. You often use them at the beginning of a working session to let people get to know each other or to introduce an activity. You can also use energizers in between activities, which are a bit more active and energize people!

Take action! Organize a meeting in your community about the youth topic you find most important within your country. Try to get other people involved too and divide tasks and responsibilities.