Skill Building: Presentation


Presentation skills are important to make some content or a message look very attractive. Here are some tips which will help you to make a good presentation:

  • If you are using a PowerPoint for your presentation, try not to use too much text. Instead use visuals which support the information you are sharing. These can be graphics, images, animations or videos, which introduce or explain the topic.

  • If you do not have PowerPoint or other visual aids for your presentation, make sure you spice things up by using a lot of examples from real life. This makes concepts less difficult and more easy to relate with.

  • Ask questions! It is boring to listen to a monologue, so keep people interested by asking them about their experiences, examples, or just fact based questions.

  • Before your presentation, think carefully about the core message you want to send and why it is important.

The main characteristics of a strong message:
o Simplicity
o Unexpected
o Concrete
o Credibility
o Emotions
o Story

  • Plan and practice your presentation, this will make you feel more at ease, less nervous and more confident.

  • Speak slowly and comfortably

  • Don’t make your presentation unnecessarily long, aim for quality instead

Ask some questions before you start preparing your presentation:
o How much time do you have?
o Who will be your audience?
o Where will you present?
o What does your audience expects from you?
o What is your goal?
o What medium and method will be most effective?

Take action! Make a presentation about a topic you find important in your community, using the tips above, and present it to your friends, peers, family…


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