Skill Building: Report Writing

Report Writing

Report writing is important if you want to report or transfer information on certain events. It can be used to keep track of information or to convince people that certain decisions need to be made.

Elements of a good report;

  • A catchy title: use your creativity to make an attractive and fun title! You need to make people curious about the report!

  • Start the report with a summary of the report, by writing out the most important points.

  • Introduce why this report is made and why is matters

  • Write the information you want to transfer in the main section.

  • Bring everything together in the conclusion and you can also insert your own point of view.

  • Write down recommendations which explain what needs to be done

To write a good report;

  • Know what you are writing. Make sure you understand the topic completely

  • Know what message you want to transfer and what is the core you want to tell

  • Know who you are writing this report for and understand what they would want to read

  • Make easy sentences, don’t use words you don’t understand yourself!

  • Keep it short! Quality over quantity!

Take action! Practice your report writing skills by writing a report with the sections explained above. You can choose to make a report about a school event, family reunion, community gathering, etc.