Local advocacy

"Because of bad air quality, school recess in Salt Lake City was often cancelled. Some students decided to investigate the cause of the smog and found that car emissions contributed to the problem. These young activists met with their state representative, who helped them draft an ‘anti-idling’ proposal. The students testified at the state legislature and legislation was passed that required signs at schools, airports, and other hot spots, telling drivers to turn off their engines after 15 seconds if they were not moving".

National advocacy

"As part of the international youth-led ‘Wake Up Call’, young activists in Nepal called upon the Ministry of Local Development to ensure equal access for the disabled to hospitals, shopping malls, movie theatres, and public buildings. Their aim was to deliver their petition in person. A lack of disabled access meant the Minister had no choice but to leave his office and collect the petition himself. Upon receipt of the petition, he assured the disabled activists that their concerns would be addressed".

International advocacy

CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality is a youth-led NGO which is actively involved in international advocacy. Youth advocates from CHOICE participate in United Nations conferences several times per year. During these conferences they have meetings with policy makers, organize panel discussions and strategize with youth advocates from around the world. These strategies help them in their advocacy for meaningful youth participation and young people’s sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide.