Themes » Leadership » Qualities of a Leader

“Leadership is influence” - Maxwell

There are many different kinds of leaders, therefore there are no ‘set’ qualities that have to be present in all leaders. Rather an effective leader draws from a range of personal qualities to help them deal with different circumstances and challenges.

Part of growing strong as a leader is through expanding our personal qualities. When we are not strong in a particular quality it is also wise to seek the contributions of others who are strong in that quality. This asks for a complementary team. The well-organised person can help to complement the creative person, and the person with the sense of humour can complement the serious minded person.

  • Courage: Does not hide from challenging or scary situations; speaks up for what is right even if there is opposition.

  • Creativity: Thinks of many different ways to solve challenges.

  • Loyalty: Stays true to friends and family or team members through difficult times.

  • Honesty: Speaks truthfully; acts sincerely; takes responsibility for own feelings and actions.

  • Self-regulation: Controls emotions and sticks to decisions; is disciplined.

  • Forgiveness: Accepts shortcomings of others without anger; gives people a second chance.

  • Compassion: Thinks of how others are feeling.

  • Intelligence: Learns quickly and thinks of good solutions; has a love of learning.

  • Determination: Focuses on goals and works hard to achieve them.

  • Enthusiasm: Has lots of energy and excitement for life.

  • Humour: Sees the lighter side of life and helps people laugh.

  • Fairness: Treats people fairly and advocates for their rights; doesn’t let personal feelings bias decisions.

  • Generosity: Gives freely of time and possessions; demonstrates kindness.