Would you like to have children one day? If so, when? 
Do you know where you could go if you or a friend were pregnant? Are there youth friendly services dealing with pregnancy in your community? 

Discuss about these and other questions with friends or relatives.


You practice! 

Think about your future! Make your own life calendar (and make it colourful!) by marking down the following 25 years. Now think about the following questions:

  • Do you want children? If yes, how many children do you want, and when do you want to start having children? How much time do you want between your 1st and 2nd, ... child? 
  • Do you want to move away from home / the place you live in for study / work? If so, by what age? 
  • Do you have other life goals? Mark them down on your life calendar.

When you know the answer to these questions, mark them on the calendar you just made! This way, you started planning already one aspect of your future!