Building the sustainability of youth-led organisation (YLO) through solidarity, networking and shared knowledge 


In October 2020, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality hosted a four-week journey to better understand the sustainability challenges and opportunities of YLOs. This sustainability journey took place over four weeks and aimed at building the sustainability of youth led organisations while conducting research on the sustainability issues affecting these organisations. Participants engaged with sustainability issues related to politics and the policy environment (week 1), socio-cultural factors (week 2), financial and fundraising issues (week 3) and individual and team wellness (week 4). In each week, participants were provided with key resources for navigating issues around their sustainability and provided the research team with insights on the nuances of their sustainability challenges. 

About the toolkit 

This toolkit was developed based on sustainability challenges and opportunities communicated by youth-led organisations and the communities they serve. It provides accessible tools for building the sustainability of youth-led organisations through solidarity, knowledge sharing and networking. It includes key findings from the research project along with tools for navigating the research project. The toolkit is published as an open source resource. We encourage youth-led organistions to use, intepret and adapt the tools as they see fit. 


Digital storytelling was used throughout the sustainability journey. This quick guide provides useful tips on how to create a digital story to increase sustainability.