About YOU(TH) Do IT!

YOU(TH) Do IT! is a resource hub by CHOICE for Youth & Sexuality where you can learn about your sexual and reproductive health and rights and how to raise your voice!

You(th) Do IT! is a resource hub by CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, where you can enrich your knowledge and skills on meaningful youth participation (MYP), sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), youth-led advocacy, youth-friendly services, awareness raising, and leadership. Read the articles and stories, learn how to integrate MYP in your organization through the MYP resources, find everything you want to know about SRHR in the SRHR Language tool, and learn about UN processes through our advocacy resources

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Meaningful Youth Participation

MYP means that young people can participate on equal terms with adults, or work independently, in organizations and in all stages of programming and policy-making: design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. If participation of young people is truly meaningful, it benefits the young people, the program, policy or organization, and society as a whole.

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Youth-Led Advocacy

The definition is already in the name - youth-led advocacy is advocacy led by young people! This means that young people are meaningfully involved in every aspect of the advocacy process – from selecting the issue, the audience, the advocacy strategies, to conducting advocacy themselves, and to monitoring and evaluating the successes and the areas for improvement.

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Sexual & Reproductive Health & Rights

Sexual & Reproductive health and rights, are human rights related to sexuality and reproduction. These rights allow people to make informed and meaningful decisions about their own sexual wellbeing, such as their sexual orientation, relationships, sexual activity, family planning or their bodies. Knowing your rights is important to have a good sexual and reproductive health.

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