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Sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) are human rights!

Sexual and reproductive health and rights, are fundamental human rights that are related to sexuality and reproduction. These rights allow people to make informed and meaningful decisions about their own sexual wellbeing, such as their sexual orientation, relationships, sexual activity, family planning or their bodies. Knowing your rights is important to have a good sexual and reproductive health.

Sexual and reproductive health and rights are in particular important to young people because it is their right to have access to the correct information and services to positively influence their sexual health and future lives.

Check out your Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights:

  1. The right to equality

  2. The right to participation

  3. The right to life and to be free from harm

  4. The right to privacy

  5. The right to personal autonomy and to be recognised as an individual before the law

  6. The right to think and express oneself freely

  7. The right to health

  8. The right to know and learn

  9. The right to choose whether or not to marry or have children

  10. The right to have your rights upheld


For more information on your sexual rights, read  the IPPF Charter on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

As we said before, sexual and reproductive health and rights are human rights and human rights are rights that every single human being on earth is born with, for example the right to education, the right to health services or the right to choose your partner… The basic values and international standards of human rights are written in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. which is signed by 192 countries. Follow the courses you see above to understand this theme better and explore all the topics that are related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. Each curse includes information, stories and tips and tricks on how to use the information in your own life.




The Essential Packages Manual is a comprehensive guide for succesful SRHR programs for young people. It is a starting point for managers, program officers, monitoring and evaluation staff and others to critically review their programs against proven standards of good practice, to identify gaps and areas where they could improve to better serve young people, and to learn more about a holistic approach to programming that places young people at the center. This manual is published as part of the Get Up Speak Out program which CHOICE is part of.

Read our Essential Packages Manual!