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“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others” – John Maxwell (american author)

Leadership can be of different styles: autocratic (leader has a lot of power); charismatic (leader’s self-image draws people); managerial (leader focuses on day-to-day operations and works with others to complete tasks); democratic (leaders shares ideas and equal status of all, but retains decision-making powers); collaborative (leader involves everyone and decentralises decision-making). You can be a leader in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different situations – not everyone is a leader all the time!

Being a leader means you will grow and work on your personal development, but it also means that you have the possibility of making a real difference in your community and inspiring others to contribute to making a change. Strong leaders help their team members to continuously remember the vision and mission so that they feel inspired and committed.

Tips for a good leader;

  • Good leaders are focused; they have a vision which they share with others, and they encourage others to see that vision and how it can help the community in the long run.

  • Good leaders show initiative; they are pro-active and see problems and work out a solution with the team

  • Leaders do not demand or dictate, they motivate other people to work with them

  • Good leaders are responsible; they do not take on the task alone, but rather share the task with their team

  • Good leaders know their strengths and acknowledge their weaknesses

  • Good leaders offer suggestions rather than make complaints, they see problems as a space to grow and develop and learn new things

  • Good leaders apologise when they do something wrong and outline how they intend to learn from their mistakes

  • Good leaders are not afraid to ask others for advice

  • Good leaders invite and consider the views of those who might disagree with them

There is not one profile to being a leader. Everyone can become a leader and there are a lot of different styles to perform leadership!


You practice!

Which words represent leadership to you?

  • Intelligent

  • Courageous

  • Persuasive

  • Skilful

  • Cheerful

  • Reverent

  • Powerful

  • Trustworthy

  • Loyal

  • Helpful

  • Thrifty

  • Clean

  • Friendly

  • Courteous

  • Kind

  • Obedient

  • Brave

  • Motivator

In this course we will explore:

  • Personal leadership

  • Qualities of a leader

  • Persons you admire