Themes » Meaningful Youth Participation » Movement Building

“To be part of building a movement, you have to keep moving” – Jacqueline Novogratz

A movement is an action taken by a group of people who share common ideas to change the future and their society. Very often, it starts when people feel injustice or anger with a current situation. As a response to this, they try to find like-minded people who share their ideas and what to take action against this together.

A movement can be a very powerful method to challenge governments, power holders, institutions and social beliefs. Movements in communities are very common, because often people stand together for improving their own community together. Successful movements have the power to bring a change in society and the way we think. 


It can be challenging to mobilize people to work towards the same goal. Here are some tips you can try if you want to start a movement yourself; 

Highlight your aim: Explain why this is important, why there should be a change

Everyone can join: Explain that everyone has a voice, and that more people together make for a louder voice. Everyone can help and play a part towards change.

Include peers, friends, family, community members, etc: Make sure you include other people and listen to their ideas and opinions

Structure: Make a structure if you want your movement to become an effective organization.

Relationships: Make sure to keep good relationships with the people in your movement. Try to connect people to make unexpected encounters and create innovative ideas!

Show results: Make sure everyone knows what is happening, what is being done (for example: give a presentation in your school or community, share it the results on social media).