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“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” – Kofi Annan (former Secretary-General of the United Nations)

Access to information is very important for you to manage your sexual and reproductive health and rights. Only when you are informed and have correct information, can you make informed and responsible decisions.

Having accurate information empowers you, but also protects you from unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, harmful practices, etc. It is therefore important to have access to comprehensive sexuality education in schools, to better promote and protect the rights and needs of young people.

These are some of the barriers you might have experienced when trying to access information about Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights:

  • Limited knowledge on where to access information

  • Misconceptions

  • Fear, shame and stigma

  • Cultural beliefs in a community

  • Financial obstacles to travel to health centre

Don’t be intimidated by the barriers you might face! Everyone has the right to information to make their own informed choices about their bodies and sexual and reproductive health. You can overcome these barriers by asking for support from friends who also want access to information, get support from family members or trusted adults, etc.

You practice!

But sometimes it is hard to know where you can get this information about your sexual and reproductive health and rights. If you prefer not to go to a health centre, clinic or youth centre for more information, you can talk to a peer educator, trusted adult, or look up information on the internet from reliable sources!