“Intersex” is a general term used for a variety of situations in which a person is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the 'typical' presentation of the ‘male’ or ‘female’ biological sex. There are different ways in which a person can be intersex. For example, a person might be born with genitals or internal sex organs that fall outside of what is considered female or male. Other intersex people have combinations of chromosomes that are different than XY (associated with male) or XX (associated with female). Some other people might be born with external genitals (those on the outside) that fall into the typical male/female categories but their hormones or internal organs do not.  Being intersex is a naturally occurring variation in humans and it is not a medical problem. Like the term gender, intersex is a socially constructed category that reflects real biological variation: there is a naturally occurring spectrum of sex anatomy that goes beyond the typically ‘male/female’ sex.