A Youth-Adult Partnership (YAP) is a partnership between young people and adults where both parties have equal decision-making power (they are ‘partners’). Importantly, young people and adults are seen as equal partners, who recognize the value and contribution of both parties. Both young people and adults are meaningfully involved at each step of the way, each bringing in their own unique expertise and skillset.

When looking at SRHR-programmes, YAPs can also help empower young people, and make them realize that they have an active role to play in society which can lead them to be agents of change in other areas of life/society as well. Young people may also have increased respect in a community, and may have the chance to build their knowledge and skills, thereby also improving their career opportunities. YAPs can also result in the fulfilment of young people's rights, which like empowerment, is really an end in itself! For a youth-serving organization, a YAP can bring greater credibility to their work, and can ensure that their programmes are more responsive to the realities of young people and are thereby also more effective. A YAP can also increase the number of human resources available, and may even expand the reach of the programme. YAPs can also be a big incentive for funding agencies to invest in a particular programme, and shows that an organization truly believes in and practices meaningful and inclusive youth participation.